Making a Millionaire – Episode 7

Ben and his family go to Brooklyn New York to visit his mother.  After having lunch at a Brooklyn diner, Ben takes a trip to the street he grew up on in the slums of Far Rockaway Queens to re-visit some deep, dark memories from his childhood.

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Episode 7: Making a Millionaire –

“Life For Sale” is a 12 part documentary that follows Benjamin Mallah, a 400 LB Jewish real estate investor from the projects of Queens New York, who relies on unreliable friends and a diverse family to help run his 200 million dollar commercial real estate empire in Florida.  Ben seeks out distressed hotels, apartment buildings, and shopping centers, then buys low and sells high. The properties he buys are home to hoarders, drug dealers, pimps, and the mentally disabled. Nothing comes easy in this family. Ben makes sure they earn it, just like he did. This documentary takes a look at a man who applies old techniques to new business while trying to stay one step ahead of the IRS.